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  In Bob Marley's Words - - We're jammin' I wanna jam it wid you.  We're jammin', jammin' And I hope you like jammin', too....... I'm glad that we like jamming because we we had a SERIOUS Jam Sesh this weekend! After receiving tons of orders, thanks again guys, we had some catching up to do! We started our Jam Sesh Saturday with some homemade biscuits.. Because, well, you just can't Jam on an empty stomach.....   And then we dove right in! We had orders to fill - -  -Drunken Monkey Jam (Banana+Rum Jam) -Nutty Monkey Jam (DMJ+PB) -Homemade Peanut Butter -You Put da Caramel in da Coconut (Coconut+Caramel Dessert Jam) -Razzy Gabby & a Side of Jalapeño (Raspberry+Jalapeño...

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We have SOLD OUT of our Drunken Money Jam and are taking requests for NEW ORDERS!  E-mail us if you would like a jar and we will whip up a new batch. We will deliver in person or by mail.  The J+S will be having a Jam Sesh this Saturday and is taking requests!  We will be making: - Drunken Monkey Jam - Homemade Peanut Butter - Nutty Monkey Spread (Banana and PB layered in a jar) - Coconut Caramel Jam - Small heart-shaped Red Velvet cakes topped with our Coconut Caramel Jam (perfect for Valentine's Day!!!) We are up for all challenges! If you have a craving for something that isn't on this list just shoot us an e-mail and we do our best...

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a sick obsession with peanut butter. I had a choosy mom who chose JIF. It won my heart over at an early age. And to this day, if you give me anything with peanut butter and chocolate I am in heaven. Reese’s peanut butter cups will always be one of my favorites. I foresee a chocolatey peanut spread in our near future….  As I have grown up a bit, I put the JIF down and have become addicted to the real deal. Peanuts and peanut oil. Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Jess and I shelled A LOT of peanuts…  We put these beauties in the food processor with some peanut oil, salt...

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